Where attention goes, money follows.

There is a saying that most people who are famous and successful use and recently I heard it used by Jim Carry. He says the effect you have on other people is the most valuable currency there is. This simply means that you are paid by how you affect people and this is so true. We pay people to make us feel a certain way, we pay people so that they make us laugh, we pay people so that they can make us dance and sing along and we even pay them so that they can make us feel safe. We pay people who use their gifts to influence how we feel.

You cannot truly succeed if you do not know your gift. You cannot maximize your potential if you cannot see it. If you lack the ability to spot what you can do there will be nothing to maximize at the end of the day. He says the effect you have on other people is the most valuable currency you have. This means that in everything you do you going to have to pick up what kind of effect are you having on people. Sensitize yourself to the effect that you have on them so that you can be able to focus on it. You need to do that simply because what you focus on grows. When you put your focus on it, you will find ways of using it more and more in order to affect and help many in ways that only you can. You will find ways of using it to solve problems and influence others that is where wealth is. Solving problems will get you to get you paid.

The key here is to spot this effect so that you can set it apart because it is precious. It is gold and can’t be taken away from you. Once it has been set apart, you will able to apply what I am giving you so that it can function at its fullest glory. Moreover, my mission in life is to guide you to a place where your gift set will be fully functional, where it will break bearers and chains that have held you down all your life to an extent that all those who know you concluded that you are unproductive and useless. If you apply what I am giving you, you get to redefine yourself to these people, even though you not doing this for them but you doing it for yourself.

Dr. Myles Munroe once said, “The most important goal in your life must be self-manifestation” When you pass on you are buried and a tombstone is erected on your gravesite. The tombstone is put there as a representation of your legacy. If you did not do anything significant with your life, then the only legacy that will remain is the tombstone and nothing more. If you did not manifest the gift that you carried in you, while you were alive, then people would also have not have given you any kind of attention. The world will watch, give you its attention and its resources only when you manifest and show the gift that you carry inside of you and being consistent at doing so, bearing in mind that consistency is the only tunnel that leads to mastery and greatness. You cannot afford to walk through life hiding that which you were born to manifest, working a job that you hate and just waiting to collect your pension fund. That would be tragic on your part because the world and everyone in it will not give you any attention if that is how you plan to live. What the world is looking for is the thing that you were created to manifest. In addition, why should they give you any attention? No one in their right mind would want to endorse unproductiveness and barrenness and wealth always keeps its distance from such people.

You keep watching people blow up and become wealthy; it is because they have decided to look from within in order get in touch with their truest gift. Moreover, they understand that their gifts grab the attention of many and that is how they become rich, “where attention, goes money goes”.So from this moment on quit questioning yourself about what the world needs, stop choosing paths and careers according to the fact that there are shortages in those professions and from this moment on, quit asking yourself which is the most paying profession out there because you will get lost if you do that and life will definitely frustrate you. Start asking yourself what is it that makes me come alive because what the world needs is people who have come alive. If acting makes you come alive, do it. If designing clothes makes you come alive then do fashion designing, and if cooking makes you come alive, cook. If it makes you come alive then the worlds need you to do it. If something makes you come alive then you do not have to pursue it, all you need is to just do it, you don’t pursue what is already inside of you, you manifest it.

This has been a Success Nerd presentation, and you will never be the same again.

Writer: M Gaba


against all odds

What should I say? are we supposed to give up on our ambitions the moment we come against serious tests? not at all. Even though we are pressed with challenges and are discouraged by circumstance, we let not our ambitions fall away. It can be a loved one growing ill or death in your family just before you start pursuing your lifelong dream. It can be the loss of a relationship that leaves you feeling depressed to your core because you had invested so much in it and also in the person you were with. It can be a financial setback, a loss of sponsorship or the betrayal by a business partner. They can come at you just when you start to do your thing in serving others but we stand tall no matter what. If we fail to stand against all of these odds we lose the chance to define our selves to the rest of the world and we become victims of our own circumstances.

That is not what we want and none of us should let it be that way. So even though our own self-beliefs tend to escape us from time to time, even though it seems as though what we offer to the marketplace is out of touch with the latest trends and a bit peculiar and that it will not see any real success, we remain focused and unmoved because our dreams and visions will always fall under serious tests. in fact, without these tests, you can never be certain of the authenticity of your dream or vision because challenges come to refine and purify our visions so that they can serve humanity in a more fruitful way than we had initially imagine.

Then what am I saying here? Should we expect the worst to come after us every time we do what we have to in order to step closer to realizing our dreams? Not at all. We should not expect that. We must, at all times expect the best to happen in everything we do. However, we must be gutsy enough to be at peace with the fact that sometimes we do not get what we expect out of life. In fact, a very wise man once said, we must expect the best but prepare for the worst.

Hell will break loose at some point in time during your journey to success and self-discovery. It is a given. You cannot dream about changing your current circumstance and guide others to do the same and have it all materialize and have it all come into fruition without any challenges seeking to abort it. That is not how life works. Life tests everything we do. How we respond to the testing is key for our journey.

without courage, nothing happens.

One thing that has stopped so many people from pursuing and leading their best lives is lack of courage. Success often goes to them that are not afraid of failure. And a majority think of failure as something that’s just there to take away their hopes and dreams but that’s not what it is. Failure should strengthen your determination. Thomas Edison failed over a thousand times during his light bulb experiments but never allowed that to deter him from his work. He later concluded by stating that he has not yet failed at creating the first light bulb but has found a thousand ways that didn’t work. Amazingly he was telling the truth. Because if you look at it well, he had not yet failed simply because he had not yet given up on his experiments. He understood that you fail only when you no longer possess the courage to carry on and you quit. After a thousand attempts, Thomas Edison did not quit. That is courage. That is determination. That is how we ought to protect our dreams.

You often here successful people make statements like these, “I stayed true to my dreams and eventually they came true”. That’s a clue being given by success itself. Success leaves clues. When someone stays true to their dreams they eventually make it and succeed. They focus on the dream so intently that no other outcome is possible to them. They protect it from people who don’t share it with them and those who don’t believe in it. They make it a point to even protect it from their loved ones too. That’s what staying true to it is all about, it’s about protecting what you love even though it is not profitable yet. It is pursuing it even when everybody else is wondering when are you gonna drop it and get a “real job”. Staying true to your dream is staying faithful to it no matter what. It is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and walking towards it with a determination that cannot be challenged by any trial that life brings forth.

M Gaba

Success Nerd.

  • Three things you have to do in order to become successful and influential
  1. Passion.

If you are currently not pursuing your passion, you are far from becoming a success. The main purpose for Success Nerd is to help and motivate people to become successful in their everyday goals. You can never become successful until you fully discover that which you are passionate about and start pursuing it daily. Success eludes many people simply because they make it about money when it is not. It is not about material but fulfillment; it is not immediate but requires time. It takes a great deal of sacrifice to succeed at anything that one would set out to do. As the saying goes “the greater the sacrifice, the bigger the reward”, this means that you have to work on your passion relentlessly, it means that you need to be utterly obsessed with it. You cannot tell me you passionate about something but only do it occasionally when you feel like it. If you truly passionate, then you should be doing it daily and you should be obsessed with perfecting it.

Passion is love for something. Your passion is that one thing that you always feel like doing and being involved in, it is that one thing that you were born to do. It is that one thing, that when you do, the world stops and stares, as it witnesses how effortless you make it look. The reason you make it look effortless is that it is in you and it is you, you do not have to force it out of you, it is just there in your DNA. For some people it could be singing, for some, it could be speaking, it could be acting, for another, it could be writing or teaching, it can be preaching and it can even be raising children. Above all things, it is the love you have for what you do and without it, success cannot be reached, regardless of any hefty income, one might make.

Therefore, the first thing that you have to do is to discover your true gift and passion because without knowing these, you can never become successful and you will not be able to influence anyone. Without these two, you will remain an employee for the rest of your life; your direction in life will simply be random, dictated to by chance and circumstance and that is the last position you would want to find yourself in.

Find your passion.

  • Vision.

When you have fully discovered what your passion is, you will need to start visualizing where you want to go with it and what you want to do with it, in contributing to humanity. One of the most important things that you need to understand is that success can only be found on the other side of service and contribution. In other words, for you to become successful you have to serve and in order to become influential, you have to contribute value to humanity. This is where vision comes in.

The problem with vision is that it is shown to us in small segments and phases then we have to connect the dots, much like how one would put a puzzle together. This is why you are going to need to write your mission statement down. Your mission statement will simply put in words what you set out to do and achieve. For example, my mission statement for Success Nerd is to educate, motivate and inspire the youth and the working class to succeed every day and become the best version of themselves by connecting with them through weekly blogs on my website and across all social media platforms.

Slowly my puzzle is coming together because my mission statement directs me and also anchors all my efforts, and all I have to do from here is to set the necessary goals that outline how I plan to accomplish what I said in it. This then brings us to the third part of things that you have to do in order to succeed and become more influential.

Write your vision/mission statement.

  • Goal setting/execution

We all love being motivated and told that we can achieve anything we want to achieve but there comes a crucial point in this journey to success and true freedom where we are required to act. On this section of our topic, you have to break down how you going work on getting closer to accomplishing what you set out on your mission statement. To make this process clear for you, I will use Success Nerd as an example.

Firstly, you will need to jot down your long-term goal followed by medium and short-term goals. From there you have to break the short-term goals into weekly goals and daily ones.

The long-term goal for Success Nerd is to reach and change the lives of a million people in two years. Its medium-term goal is to reach at least half a million of them in just one. The short-term goal is to be visible on all social media platforms so that everyone who is in need of this kind of upliftment and motivation can find it and learn to redefine themselves as they dive deep into its content. The weekly goal is to write and publish on my website every Monday and lastly, the daily goal is research and drafting of the content that I set out to publish.

In order to accomplish my long-term goal of reaching a million lives, I have to be disciplined at accomplishing my daily goal of research and drafting. I would also have to be consistent at publishing new content every week. Daily and weekly execution of my goals will be crucial if I am to reach my long-term goal. This is what being a Success Nerd is all about. It’s about succeeding every day in order to cement your long-term success by executing the small tasks needed to make the bigger picture look its best.

Set goals and execute them.

These are the three things, which you have to do in order to succeed and grow your influence

Find your passion.

Write your vision / mission statement

set the goals required to get you there and act


M Gaba


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thoughts do come true: part 2

motivation to succeed in an unforgiving and rigid marketplace

It requires tremendous effort to control your thinking; it is also hard to tame the tongue and keeping a focused effort on a specific endeavor is hard work. However, you have to remind yourself that the mind has rewarded both the backward thinker and the progressive thinker equally. From the beginning of time itself, creation laid its foundation from what was not seen and what we see is only a result of what’s unseen. If it is our thoughts that create our realities, then what we constantly see outside and around us is a mere reflection of that which we can’t see, inside of us. The mystery of life lies in the unseen world of spirit, where ideals are formed and created to either serve humanity or even, sometimes, bring it to its knees.

We have all, at certain stages of our lives, fallen victim to our own negative perceptions, we all regret the years we wasted, not believing in our own ideals and ourselves, but now we live in a fascinating time. We are all forced to believe in progressive thinking, for we have all seen what it has and can achieve. It was progressive thinking that created the internet and it is progressive thinking that seems to be utilizing it the most to change the world. All apps and social media exist because of progressive minds who seek to influence rather than be influenced and the trend seems to be clear at this stage, progressive thinkers always come up with ideas that give other progressive thinkers incredible platforms of building new technologies.The crypto world is a great example. Bitcoin technology exists only because the internet exists. Hence, the phrase is ‘built on the shoulders of giants’. If the first giant was not created then the second giant would not have a structure to stand on today. 

The secret to life is self discovery not a pursuit of success and wealth. It is listening to the inner self and giving life to the deepest desires that only your own soul can birth. it is having a vision and a purpose that will empower your own generation to birth what ever ideals it may hold. it is to encourage your neighbor to give the best of them selves in making the world a better place and lastly it is doing what you love and being fulfilled at what you do.

Now ask yourself, if you can make something happen in order to change or solve a problem that persist in your community, what would it be? what would you create? and alternatively, if you could rise to any prominent position in your country or surrounding community, what position would it be? Moreover, why would you choose that particular position? What influence would it hold for you?

Your answers to these questions are vitally important if you seek self discovery and purpose in life.  Do not be fooled by the variety of definitions that the world gives to success, infect do not be fooled by how your own parents or family at large define success. for most people success is a relative term that is loosely put to use, they reckon its a high paying job with great benefits, some think its a big house or a lofty apartment with the best view in town, some reckon its being the first or only person to drive a German car in the family or community. I personally think that, if that’s your opinion of what success is, then you are prone to one day fall for the many traps that money can create.

The beauty of progressive thinking is that it influences change. If it has the right company along the way, it is unstoppable, to say the least.

i look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below and be sure to follow me on this site for weekly blogs and updates and become the best version of yourself.

M Gaba

Success Nerd..

thoughts do come true.

The greatest gift that a man can ever possess is the rare ability to wrestle with his own negative thoughts. A man who wrestles with his own thoughts remains resolute and unmoved even when under heavy criticism. The mind is a war room that carries the battle between these two forces, known as good and evil, it also carries our collection of life’s memories and lessons learned from birth, it is truly a terrible thing to waste. It holds the great treasures that humans have tirelessly searched for; it sets the tone for persons looking for success in a certain area of life. By this, I mean it determines the attitude of the day and it is this attitude that pours massive ingredients in ones failures and successes.

It is literally the difference between those that make it in life and those that do not. It creates people’s realities, silently without them being aware of the process and it decides paths that individuals use, at most, while on default. It is therefore extremely important for anyone reading this to understand that, if you cannot control and harness the strength of your own thought patterns,you run the risk of getting tossed back and forth by your own negative perceptions. As a meter of fact, you will be tossed and the frustration of it all will weigh heavily on you, making you barren in all areas of your life. This is because every area affects every area. Frustration emanates from lack of productivity, when you know that you supposed to be in creation, when you know that you are supposed to be doing something  with your life, creating what your environment needs and creating what your community needs or making a contribution to someone else’s life. Those that know that they are supposed to be in creation are more frustrated that those who simply ignore the call. they remain oblivious to anything that has to do with this calling. There are those who know it and those that choose to not know, their objectives in life are never the same and the results that these people yield are very different in comparison.

We all have the desire to become rich and we all have this longing need to be happy but not all people have the same concept of how to get there. Some individuals wait on other people to think and create that thing that can help them live the lives they feel they should be living. Some individuals simply refuse to conform to societal norms and seek to create the lives they envisage for themselves by harnessing the power of their own thoughts and choosing to be in creation. By this, I mean that they choose not employment but their own ideals, they have a stubborn confidence and an arrogant faith that their ideals shall live to create employment for the world.They choose to live lives of service and contribution to humanity. These people make the world an interesting place to be in, they challenge the ordinary and mundane, they create solutions for the world’s problems by thought, and they start movements by the use of spoken words and influence time by the permission given to them by their very existence. They do not let the world tell them what they need to become, the demand change and make things happen in the world. Therefore, it is not the world that should influence you, it is your mindset that should influence the world. The thing they do is testament to the ancient truth echoed by the prophets, seers, kings and priests of old that man simply becomes his thoughts or you become what you think about the most. I have spent a great deal of time trying to go deeper into this subject in order to make my peer groups understand what this statement truly means and how crucial it is to have this knowledge and awareness but I have, for some time, fallen on deaf ears. It saddens me to witness the ignorance of most youths in my own country towards this knowledge, which is as old as days. The truth is not too complicated to swallow, the first level of creation is thought, only after thought comes the spoken word, followed by action with focused effort on the thing you want to achieve. These three acts have to be friend commitment, without it nothing comes into fruition. Fruition is production and productivity is the main purpose why we exist. This means that frustration is for individuals that chose to ignore their purpose in life and for those who simply have not yet uncovered it.

i therefore urge you as a reader to look forward to my next update as i will be unpacking how you can retool yourself in this economy of ours and make the most out of your gifts and skills and become a success in your chosen field of hustle, because thoughts do come true.

M Gaba

Success Nerd..